January 2nd, 2004

Colors and Light

"Everything fails, everything is diminished by reality..."

Steven got engaged!!!
*sniff* that makes me smile...

Today we called all of the local pet stores cause I'm looking for a new rat, but none of them were selling baby rats. I finally found a pet store that has baby rats, but they won't be for sale until two weeks from now.
So in two weeks, I'll have a new baby rat. :D

And later today I went to Borders an saw this magazine with an article on the Lips that I'd never seen before.
So yeah, I'm happy.
But school starts on Monday.
But I have another off period now.


Michael: oh my god..
Michael: my light bulb just exploded
Roxie: *laughs*
Michael: i dont remember what happened today and yesterday
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    Felt Good to Burn - Flaming Lips