November 22nd, 2003

Spazzy bear-thing

Awww yeah!! Best of Chris Farley!!!!

Josh and I are gonna go see Kill Bill again.

And tonite I'm gonna go to Europe and party with colourmesparkle.
Git down wit mah bad funkeh-munkeh self.

My hair smells like sunshine.
Horrible, firey, taunting sunshine.

I'll write later. Have faith, my children.
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    Up Above the Daily Hum (I can't find it anywhere! I only have it on the DVD) - FLips
Colors and Light


Look at me, all writing again today. An shit.

Today was fun. And cold. Kill Bill is such a nice 'lil film.

Now I'm cold again.

"A blood-splattered Wayne Coyne has hijacked a bunch of kid's rides. His merry troupe of psychedelic mind-warpers are nearby, muching away on what they eerily term 'seaside candy'"
That was an awesome article. Made me very happy.

Aw crap.
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    Up Above the Daily Hum (I found a version of it!!) - Lips