November 9th, 2003

Stephen is a rock star

My brain is sloshing around and stuff

I can hear myself thinking. Just so you know, that's not a song reference. Oh wait, it is! Hah, I just noticed that. Obviously, I'm still sick, but I think I'm getting better. Maybe that's because I'm sick and delirious (Gah, I almost wrote "delicious"). Just one more week of waiting. Today is the last day that Steve is playing with the Lips!! Let's wish them all a good time during their break. The FLips are playing a special New Years thing with the White Stripes. Yay! That'll be fun for the whole family.

A fun excerpt from Kliph[current Lips drummer]'s diary entry for today (the 9th):
"Well, I hear a duet of Steven and Steve Burns doing 'Faithfully' by Journey coming from the dressing room and I want to go investigate. Yes, it sounds as horrible as you would imagine. Steven still hasn't fully gotten his voice back from his round of being sick. I'll talk to you guys soon."

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