November 5th, 2003

Colors and Light

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First order of buisiness: HAPPY BIRTHDAY nyakototo!!! My sweet lil' Djuna. You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older, and now you're even older, and now you're even older (I'm not trying to be insulting; it's a song!)...

So yesterday after school at around 4, my mom called to tell me that one of my favorite bands, They Might Be Giants, was playing a free instore concert and doing a book signing for their new book and that it was happening in San Fransisco at 7! After confirming some stuff, Tom drove me to San Fran and we saw TMBG live and it was fantamatabuloso. I got signatures and Tom managed to piss them off, kinda. I took pictures as well.
What a weird night [for me, at least].

I...uh...I really can't remember what I did today. It is soooo cold right now.
I got "Finally the Punk Rockers are Taking Acid"! That's great.
I started a fire [contained with the place of fire - don't worry].
This is what I've been waiting for. *yes!*
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