October 27th, 2003

Colors and Light

If I go mad, no one will know it. I won't let it be seen, cause I don't want you to be sad for me...

...be happy, don't cry.

Today was the first day of Spirit Week at mah school. It was funny hat/weird hair day. I wore an invisible hat.

Do any of you remember what life was like (perspective-wise/what the world looked like) when you were a little one?
I do. We're studying transcendentalism in English, and the first thing we did was read "Nature". The point that Emerson brought up about children and nature made me reminiscent of when I was much younger. I've lived in my grandparents house on and off since before I was born, and I can still remember what it looked like from a child's perspective. The pattern of the streets seemed more complicated and my house seemed much larger (well, duh). I remember being sick and resting on the couch, with my grandfather praying the Hail Mary with me so that I would get better. I remember running out to the front yard around Christmas-time, and singing carols to the stars because I was too shy to go caroling door-to-door. But the most wonderful memory I have is of one particular rainy day. It might not seem that special to others, because nothing special really happened. I don't even really remember what I did that day. I just remember the feeling of being in the rain. Just being there and watching the rain tumble down. The sky was wonderfully gray and the soft sound of the rain-fall was so soothing. It made me feel so human, yet one with nature.

I want it to rain again.
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