October 22nd, 2003

Colors and Light

Sretsbol! Kool tuo rof eht sretsbol!!

I got two, no, three new FLip singles! That's glorious. I can watch the music videos now! With ease!! *Squeeeal*

Hey Michael, guess what?



Homework, little by little, is killing my brain. Goodbye.
Hope you're enjoying life.

Ah, porn.
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    The Big Ol' Bug is the New Baby Now - Flaming Lips
Lil' beast


The people must be shown.

Joshie-boy made a pretty Johnny wallpaper.
I know some of you like the Deppster, so I thought I'd share.


Tell me if you like it, cause Josh is a ho [MY ho - I be pimpin'] and he wants to know. Hah! Look at that.
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