October 3rd, 2003

Colors and Light

Josh is pregnant.

Partay! We went bowling for Mandy's birthday. Bowling is fun because I never concentrate but half of the time I do pretty well. I did do pretty well in the first game. I was winning for awhile, and then...not. I slipped and fell on the floor in mid-swing at one point during the first game, which was fun. Then, during the second game, I did very badly cause I was concentrating even less, plus my hands were greasy with snacking food. Then my hand slipped while I was swinging my arm back and the ball flew backwards out of my hand. The look on peoples' faces while that was happening was really funny. O__O *Eeeeeek* I didn't kill anyone though *sigh*. Domo got bling bling! And then pizza happened. It was good. The End.

Josh, you'd better take good care of our child.
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