July 28th, 2003

Colors and Light

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I just poured my clear Gatorade into an empty Coke can. This way, people will see it and say to themselves, "Oh she's drinking Coke." then they will see that the contents are clear and they will say, "Oh she's drinking...water?". Of course, I was listening the second time cause they didn't realize that they were saying it out loud. I will then shout, "No, you upPER VERTabrae (I heard that in a gay magazine)!!! It's clear Gatorade! Argh *eye twitch*". Someone should just....I dunno...kill me, or something. I'm obviously not doing anything good for society right now. Oooh! Dani's coming over tommorow! Soo happy! We'll squeal and watch Alan stuff and have fun and have fun and that's awesome. I neeeeed sleep. If you haven't deduced that by now....urk. GOOD bye.
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