July 18th, 2003

Colors and Light

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Don't really know what to write. Uh well, my grandparents left this morning. I watched Cabaret while my mom was taking them to the airport. Whahahahahahaaaaa. Naughty Alan. Good times. I really have very little to say for now. I guess I'll just post some pictures that everyone's probably seen already and waste everyone's time. Oooh I almost forgot, I need to screencap P&M today. "...I swing EVERY way." bwahahahahaheeehaaaa.
hehe Look! It's "art". I did this on the compooter for no reason whatsoever.
hon I love this pic.
hamlet This too. You've all probably already seen this. Ah well, sorry for wasting people's time.
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Colors and Light

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Look at that! LOOK AT IT! Bwaahahaaa. Awesome.

You're FrankenFurter! Good for you...you're one of
those priveledged sex-aholics that knows how to
throw one hell of a party! You (do)

Which Rocky Horror Character are You?
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Also awesome.
fun loving and compleatly insane! Good Job! You'll
be off to the funny farm soon! Lucky you.

are you insane???????!!!!!!!!!
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Conan O'brien
be proud. You are the funniest talk show host on

What Late Night Personality Are You? (with images)
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Colors and Light

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You are the Emcee.

Multi-faceted, disturbed, omniscient, gleefully
satanic, and somberly aware, you embody
everything that is terrible and wonderful at
the same time. Wow, aren't you just special?
Now go play with yourself.

"Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et
Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen. Where are your
troubles now? Forgotten? I told you so. We have
no... troubles... here. In here life is

which cabaret character are you?
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Wow. And I really WAS being truthful. I guess I really am evil and kinky. Wait...I already knew that...ah well.

Oh and I changed the emcee picture for the results cause I didn't like the one they give you. I put in my own, cause the one they give you isn't even Alan. Monkeys.
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