July 14th, 2003

Colors and Light

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I made a promise to myself yesterday, an oath, if you will, that I would NOT go on the computer all day today. Well here's what I say to that now: "Oaths are made to catch fools with."-Erik(PotO). Never trust a person who crys over a phantom's tears in the wee hours of the morning. Bwahahaha! That being said, I finished PotO last night!!! I wanted to write down some of my favorite quotes from it too. Keep in mind that my favorite kinds of quotes are the ones that make little or no sense out of context ;D.

"...I'm sick and tired of having a forest and a torture chamber in my house and of living like mountebank, in a house with a fake bottom!"-Erik

"All I wanted was to be loved for myself."-Erik

"Barrels! Barrels!...What a lot of barrels!"-Raoul or M de Chagny or Vicomte de Cagny or whatever the hell you wanna call him

"The grasshopper! Mind the grasshopper!...A grasshopper not only turns; it hops!...It hops!...And it hops jolly high!"- Erik

and some other quotes that aren't from PotO:

"I have a bad back, this is NO time to be rolling around on a golf course..."

"Because if I cry, I want to do so without any interupption. I'd prefer to cry myself to sleep than to be interuppted in such an extreme bout of emotions. So, on with the depression!!!"
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Colors and Light

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I saw Pirates of the Caribbean! It was loverly. Jack Sparrow is indeed the best pirate I ever did see. Oooh I need to finish screencapping the Alan videos that are due tommorow. Whatevah.
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    MMMMMARGH. I bought a Police cd today. I'll listen later.