July 9th, 2003

Colors and Light

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I guess I just screwed up my computer. Oh well. *Le Sigh* I think I've been neglecting Mary (my rat). I used to play with her every day but now...well she never seems to want to see me anyways. She only comes out of her house when it's hot out or when I bring food. She was always like that though. God I love that part in Spice World when Alan has his shirt all weird and is doing that weird dance thing. It always makes me laugh. Oh, and I am totally convinced that if I kept the strawberry Gatorade in the fridge long enough, it'll turn into jello. I'm serious.
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Colors and Light


Listen to this(I actually have had this interview for a while, but I just found it again):"…Cumming likes the finished film and appreciates how Nightcrawler comes off. 'We were freaking,' he raves of a recent X2 screening. 'Oh, I was laughing my tits off. I was a big superhero teleporting through the White House and sniffing the President.'" Hahaha. Alan was sniffing the prez. God I love this man.
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Colors and Light

Yay it's PotO this time! And I swear these are the last for today...

Look at this! I got Alan's character and I didn't even cheat! YEEHAW!
Andre the Opera House Owner -- You have a tendency
to whine a lot. Complaining is a thing you do
quite well, however it is a thing that you need
to do much less. Try looking on the bright
side of things, no matter how small and
pathetic the bright side may be.

What Phantom of the Opera Character Are You?
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Such a beautiful song...
Music of the Night
"Music of the Night"
Poetic, beautiful, and understanding but perhaps a
bit separated from reality.

Which song from The Phantom of the Opera are you?
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Dude! Awesome!
you are a ten
You are a ten

On a scale of 1-10 how big of a phan are you? (phantom of the opera)
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