July 8th, 2003

Colors and Light

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You are the lovely Gretchen Ross
You're the lovely Gretchen Ross. Your dad stabbed
your mom seven times in the chest and you
thought Gretchen Ross was a pretty cool name to
change yours to. Although you put up a bit of a
front, and seem to know exactly what to say to
your boyfriend, Donnie, we know that you're
really quite lost. Your world has been thrown
about so much that you're just kind of grabbing
onto thin air and hoping to get by. Maybe
things will be better now that you have
Donnie... Maybe not?

Which Donnie Darko Character Are You?
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I love this movie so much.
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Colors and Light

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Fuck! I was just about to post the caps from Buddy and I found out I can't do it until tommorow cause the site is under maintenance. Dammit. Well sorry people but you'll have to wait. God I love that scene when he's drinking with the chimp. So cute. So...uh...sorry, but I'll have them up by tommorow. Hmmm byebye.
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