June 28th, 2003

Colors and Light

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Erin is here. Always watching. I love the slogan generator. We spend an hour at least, putting in random words. This was her favorite: Sweet as the Moment When the Babies Went "Pop". I think my favorite one was: That'll be the Bisexual Scottish Boy. Or maybe: I can’t believe it’s not Battery Acid. Actually, all of them were awesome. Ask me for more, Molly. Ask me for more, I dare you. We're watching the Ring. I never thought it was scary. EVERY ONE of my friends thought it was very very scary. Those monkeys. I'm a dry heave believer and a home coming queen. ??? Hell. I scare myself sometimes, y'know that. OOOOH I FINALLY GOT TO SEE EWA ON TV!!! EEEEHEEHEEEHEEEEE!!! Byebye.
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    Horror flick background music, whatever the hell that means.