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Aw poop

Oh jeez. They just posted the new NaNoWriMo shirts.
I think I have to decide whether I'm going to participate this year.
So far I haven't gotten any big ideas, and I'm not sure if I want to continue in the same vein as the past stories.
I still love my Jerbear and all of those guys, and I don't think I'm done with that universe at all. Maybe I need a break from them? Or maybe I need a break from Nano. That's what I keep thinking, but on the other hand, I keep getting that urge, and in my stony heart of hearts I want to do something.
It's my 4th year! I've gotta try, right? I mean, this November will be busy, but it's been busier.
Aaaaaaahhhh, I think I'll get the shirt now, but I'd better start brainstorming soon.
Tags: nanowrimo, writing
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