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Hit the ham

They cancelled our fireworks! The wind was too strong, apparently, so they couldn't risk it. Balls.
It almost feels like 4th of July never happened. :(

OMG Doctor Who finale!

A few thoughts in annoying short form.

RTD, you magnificent bastard.

I love Doctor Donna omg.

Captain Jack deserves a special award for being able to think the dirtiest of thoughts in any situation.

Hee! I loved the Doctor telling himself to get in the tardis like he was telling a bad child to go to their room.

Too many tards in the tardis!!

Doctor and Rose.
Oh. My. God.
I literally burst out crying at the climax of that scene.
It was so touching!

Sad and poignant ending. Perfectly fitting.

It was an over the top season finale as always, but "epic" is pretty much the definition of Doctor Who.
Awesome. Can't wait for next year!

Excuse me while I go to watch the Doctor & Rose scene over and over and over and over....
Tags: doctor who, fireworks, holidays, tv

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