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It's the new you

Today Erin and I saw There Will Be Blood in a theater that used to be a burlesque house. That was pretty damn cool.
I want to see it again, but I think I'll wait until it's out in normal theaters. Guhhh, I love me some Daniel "hotpants" Day-Lewis. Or as Erin would say, 'ol Crazyeyes Day-Lewis.
Paul Dano was pretty awesome too.

School starts again in two weeks! Editing is going alright, so I will hopefully finish that on schedule.

New Years celebration was exciting, even though I got a stupid cold the next day. My tolerance for alcohol is much better now than it used to be, which is nice for the holiday celebrations.
Christmas was decent, but it was probably the least exciting day of that week, which is odd.

Oh, and the wind on Friday was INSANE. Ain't seen anything like it in a while.

Tags: editing, holidays, movies, theaters

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