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Heroes Season (Volume?) Finale

It could've been better. That goes for the whole volume, though. Not that I didn't enjoy it and watch faithfully, but still.
Why do my new-favorites keep getting killed?
Wait, if they changed the future, what happened to Peter's girl thing? Or did they really change it? Mommy had said the virus killed Nathan but obviously she could've been lying. Huh.
Also, fresh baddies soon plz. Personally, I don't know how much longer Sylar can be interesting. *cough*
Aren't I allowed to mourn a character for more than two minutes before they're brought back from the dead?!
I grew to really like Nathan this time around, but I think at least ONE of these deaths needs to stick. It should have some meaning! Oh, now I feel bad for saying that. I don't mean it, Nathan!

Ohhh nooooo opinionated! I must be cranky.
Tags: heroes, tv

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