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Hay times

Torqued by nyakototomy intarnet wife.

If there was a movie about your life, who would you cast in these roles?

You: Roxie
Your mother/father: Mother: Roxie
Father: Roxie
Siblings: Roxie
Best friend: Roxie
Arch Rival: Roxie
Love Interest: Roxie

I am the next Eddie Murphy.
All y'all can watch me make out with myself. -\_(O_*)_/-



School is sometimes good, sometimes balls.

Things are snawesome.

Here is tattoo on upper arm. This was taken the day after, so it's dulled a little by now, but essentially the same. If it looks a bit oddly shaped, that's cause it's my design. I wanted it to look hand drawn.

Also, it baffles me that even though I've been coloring my hair wacky colors for over 2 years, my grandma still manages to muster a bit of indignation every time I decide to re-dye it.
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