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My computer had an aneurysm today. I spent all evening and night trying to figure out what was wrong, and eventually had to reformat the hard drive. ARGH!!! I was on the verge of tears the whole time.
Fortunately, the last time I backed up my system was at the end of July, so although I lost a month's worth of information, I still have a great deal more than I ever have after one of these disasters.
And even though I lost all the pictures and individual videos from Comic-con, I still have the video compilations up on YouTube, so I'll have those when I download them.
And at least it wasn't a problem that I had to get physically repaired.
Here hoping the problem is fixed and I can move on.

*dramatic siiiigh*
blarr. ioweurbsdf. Oh well, I feel less frustrated now.
Tags: disaster, rant

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