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Hay - Harry Potter fun/stupidity

I feel much better now. I don't really have much time to feel bad though, seeing as how COMIC-CON COMIC-CON COMIC-CON is tomorrow. And then maybe I'll stop yelling about it every entry...until next year.

Here's some stupid:
A few weeks ago, my friends Jean, Erin and I were bored.
Jean suggested that the role of Kingsley Shacklebolt would have been better interpreted by Samuel Jackson in the latest HP movie, and eventually we started to come up with a long list of who we would cast if we made a different version of Harry Potter, with a few contributions from The Dani.

Don't bother asking what the really weird ones are, because they're probably just meant to be that retarded.
A lot of them are probably misspelled too. I don't have time to fix these things!

Harry - Dakota Fanning
Ron - Will Arnett
Hermione - Amy Poehler
Luna Lovegood – Steve Buscemi
Neville - John Malkovich
Dumbledore – Christopher Walken
Filch – William Shatner
Cat - George Takei
Whomping Willow – Conan O’Brien
Umbridge - Toad/Machine-gun-arm Lincoln
Colin Creevy - Jesus
Hedwig – John Cameron Mitchell
Snape - Tracy Morgan
Seamus - Sean Connery
Mcgonagall - Chris Rock
Wormtail - The Rock
Hagrid - Vern Troyer
The Twins - Danny Devito and Nicholas Cage
Bellatrix - Bjork
Voldermort - Ant
Tom Riddle - Berries & Cream Lad
Fleur, Victor and Cedric - Blue Man Group
Barty Crouch Jr. - Tony Shalhoub
Padfoot - Marty from Frasier
Sirius - David Thewlis
Lupin - Gary Oldman
Cho Chang - Hardgay
Firenze and Centaurs - Joel Goddard and male asian hookers
Dementors - KISS
Wizarding Counsel - Dethklok and Max Weinberg 7
Peeves - Rik Mayall (for great justice)
Buckbeak - Will Forte
Trelawny - Bill Cosby
Fluffy – Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp
Ollivander - Crispin Glover
Mrs. Weasley - Luke Wilson
Ginny - Frankie Muniz
Mr. Weasley - Alan Cumming and Jason Schwartzman (every other scene)
Rest of Weasleys - Kenneth Branagh
Fudge - Henry Winkler w/Tulip headgear (thinks he’s a tulip)
Draco - Oscar Wilde
The Malfoys - Tim And Eric
Quirrell - Nimoy
Basilisk - Nicole Kidman
Slughorn - Quagmire
Percy – Beniffer (the entity)
Kingsley Shacklebolt - Samuel Jackson
Madam Rosemerta - Darth Maul
Dobby - B'Owl
Crookshanks - Gollum
Kreacher - Gary Coleman
Tonks – Stephen Colbert
Fletcher - Jon Stewart
Mad Eye Moody - Daniel Radcliffe in Equus
Uncle Vernon - Winston Churchhill
Aunt Petunia - Hitler
Dudley - Bono
Figg - Joan Rivers
Moaning Murtle - Dame Edna
Crabb - Paris Hilton
Goyle - Nicole Richie
Nearly Headless Nick - John Belushi
Bloody Baron - Wishbone
Fat Friar - Dan Aykroyd
Gray Lady - Colin Meloy
Fat Lady - Aretha Franklin
James Potter – Kyle Gass
Lily – Jack Black
Padma Patil - George Michael
Pavarti Patil - Maeby
Goblins - Mary Kate and Ashley
Barty Crouch - Frog from WB
Pansy Parkinson - David Cross
Sphinx - John C. Mcginley
Aragog - Zach Galifinakis
Dead Unicorn - Morgan Freeman
Howlers – [voiced by] Susan Sarandon
Oliver Wood - R. Kelly
The Longbottoms - Matt Damon and Ben Affleck/ Nuni and Nuni
Riddle's Mom - Elijah Wood
Scrimgeour - Ellen Degeneres
Riddle's Dad - Catherine Zeta Jones w/ Bowl Cut
Regulus Black - Tom Green
Phineas Nigilus - Numa Numa guy
Grawp - Nick Frost
Rest of Death Eaters – The Wiggles
Flitwick - Tobey MacGuire kneeling
Madam Pomphrey - Jerri Blank
Professor Sprout – Peter Serafinowitz
Mandrakes - Roseanne Barr
Katie Bell - Martin Short
Rest of Griff. team - Chevy Chase and Steve Martin
Aunt Marge – Chewbacca
Marge Bulldog – George Clooney
Young Snape – Zach Braff
Young Lupin – Freddie Highmore
Young Black – young John Travolta
Lockhart – Eddie Izzard in trannie mode
Young James – Dylan Moran
Dean Thomas – Betty White
Giant Squid – Neil Diamond
Marcus Flint – Marylin Manson
Olympe Maxime – Mel Gibson as Hamlet with a baby arm in his back
Grendylows -*NSYNC
Rita Skeeter – Pyramid Head
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