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Finished Hairy Plopper last night at holycrap o' clock.
I liked it.
As before, a few points:

- Ahahahha. What.

- Paid attention to the quality of the writing for the first time in reading HP. Noticed the flaws. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdidn't care.

- Strangely enough, I think I was more emotionally affected by Fred's death than any other in the whole saga. The twins weren't even my favorites, but...I dunno.

- Taking into account the amount of information that would have to be given to really satisfy fanatics, I thought it was generally well tied up.

- One thing that I would like to note is that, while reading the book, I had various songs from Hairspray stuck in my head. Do you know what it's like to be reading a scene about Death Eaters doing horrific things, and suddenly one of the more retarded parts of your brain starts screaming "SHEWASTHENEWGIRLINTOWNWHOAWHOAWHOAWHOA" over and over again?
You probably do.

- I am going to post something at some point in the future that has nothing to do with this particular book, but everything to do with crazy and HP. It prompted my brother to utter this exclamation: "You know, Dakota Fanning would make a good Harry Potter."

- I am still convinced that Voldermort's whole second rising was all because he wanted a real human nose. Jealousy is a great and terrible thing. D:

I am wiped out. And I don't think I have any tears left. I totally cried my way through the last few chapters. *seekrits*
Tags: books, harry potter, spoilers

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