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Warning: heavy complaining about things that don't really matter

Life are still a little busy and at least somewhat interesting. I'm getting close to notsick status, so that's nice.

And, oh yeah, MY TEETH ARE CRAP.

I'm not even going to START listing all my dental problems, but this one is just balls. I got a partial crown a few months ago, and was told by my dentist not to chew on ice or anything too hard with that tooth (duurrr), so I didn't. And I've been taking very good care of my teeth during the past few months for other reasons, so it wasn't that hard to pay attention to it. A week or so ago, however, I was eating a gummi and the partial came out and I bit down on it and eerrggghhh. Not a pleasant experience. So I panicked because I keep fucking up my teeth and I hate that my grandpa has to pay for my stupidity and I was also coming into a heavy depression at the time and it was almost my birthday. They come not single spies, but in freakin' battalions. Anyways, I put the partial BACK IN because I was scared and didn't know what the hell to do. It stayed, so I just kept it like that and decided to tell my dentist at the next appointment, which was today. I should have called him the day it happened, but dumb be me. It happened again days later, and again, and then yesterday it was gone. Yes, I swallowed it.
So now my patient dentist has to do a full crown (turns out I had broken the partial, which is why that chunk came out. I still have no idea now, though). My jaw absolutely sucks when it comes to the anesthetic taking, so that's going to be a ball. It's also the first time he's had someone break a partial. Again, winner.
The one good thing is that he's only charging for the lab fees, which is very gracious of him.

My theory about this is that either I just completely suck, or my teeth contain some kind of tracking/monitoring devices (like in 12 Monkeys) that my subconscious is aware of and is trying to eliminate, tooth by tooth. Really, I'm screwed either way.

Again, life is a silly bitch, and all that cal.

My sickness-crazy hasn't been too bad, really. Although, I did spend about ten minutes today laughing because I realized that I own a very fluffy bunny. There was also something about the phrase "Jew saga" that came up somewhere, and that got me going for a while too.

Also, this was my mental response to the recent events on LJ and some other internets tomfoolery.

This keeps playing in my head. You have no idea how much I laugh every. Damn. Time.
Over and over and over and over again...
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