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Omg, Erin told me to write a Spiderman fic, so I did.

Title: Tears of a Spider
Paring: Peter Parker/ Emo!Peter
Rating: PG or PG-13
Warning: It is slash. It contains potential spoilers, so only read if you've seen the new movie or don't care. Every magnificent aspect is intentional, and filled with crack.


“Gosh,” Peter Parker said with a lonely sigh. “I feel so empty without MJ.”
He was lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling. The young hero, distraught over his unsteady romance, was trying his hardest to fall asleep, but with no success. He stood up and began to pace around the room, hoping that the exercise would help calm the turmoil in his tortured soul.Peter was contemplating taking a spin around the city, but as soon as he opened the balcony door and the night breeze blew against his face,he realized that it was even lonelier out there. Looking around the room, he approached his mirror slowly. As he gazed upon his reflection,he couldn’t help but reflect on the changes within him.
“What has my life become?” he asked out loud. “It feels like some part of me is missing…like there’s a hole in my heart that needs to be filled.”
“Maybe I could fill that hole,” his reflection replied without warning. Peter gasped as he watched the image in the mirror change. His hair, normally parted and neatly combed, gravitated downward. His clothing became darker – tighter than ever before, and a mysterious spattering of black formed under his eyes. It was…EmoDark Peter.
“B-but,” Peter stammered, “you’re me!”
“Could be,” his reflection breathed. “Or perhaps…”
Suddenly a swirl of black spun around Peter’s head. He turned around in confusion, only to see Dark Peter staring back at him. And this time,he wasn’t in the mirror.
“Maybe…you’re me.” Dark Peter smirked.
Peter backed away and fumbled about. Dark Peter sauntered forward, pressing on until Peter bumped into his rickety dresser. There was no escape.
“This doesn’t make any sense,” Peter whimpered.
“Shhhhh.”Dark Peter pressed a thin finger against Peter’s soft, vulnerable mouth. Peter recognized the man’s smell from somewhere, but he couldn’t quite make it out. Dark Peter leaned in close now, just barely touching Peter’s lips with his own. “If you think about it,” he whispered slowly, “does anything ever really make sense? Or couldn’t it all just be a dream. No – a nightmare.” He breathed in sharply, his eyes filled with dark, unspeakable desires.
“Ummm,” Peter responded. “I don’t know? That’s not really-”
“Hush now. Let the darkness overtake you.”
Before Peter could object, Dark Peter was probing with his tongue – probing for dark treasures. Peter tried to figure out why Dark Peter’s smell was so familiar, and it suddenly dawned on him. Dark Peter smelled like the night. It was intoxicating. When Dark Peter finally pulled away, Peter blanched.
“Wow, you…taste very…salty?”
“Oh,that?” Dark Peter said with a quick hair flick, “Well you see…” He leaned forward again. “My entire body is coated in a thin sheen of tears.” The end of his sentence was muffled by another passionate kiss.Peter wasn’t thinking; he was trying his hardest to simply forget about his troubles and give in to temptation. As he moved his arms awkwardly in search of a more comfortable position, his hand passed over his pocket and he felt the small indentation of a certain ring. Dark Peter noticed this and tried to pull Peter’s hand away, but it was too late.Peter turned away, filled with shame.
“I…I can’t do this. It’s not right.”
Dark Peter also turned, and walked towards the balcony. “But it could be…”
“No!It never will! This can never happen, don’t you understand?!” Peter yelled in spite of himself. Dark Peter looked up into the night and bit down on his knuckles to lessen the pain in his heart.
“Yes, I-I understand.” When he felt the familiar sting of tears in his eyes, he bit down harder. “Just don’t let him see you cry. Never let them see you cry,”he chanted over and over again in his head. With one single tears now sliding down his cheek, he turned his head partially to look back at the man who had webbed his heart into oblivion.
“Goodbye, Peter,”he whispered before running to the edge of the balcony and jumping into the sweet embrace of the darkness. Peter had the sudden urge to chase after him, but he knew that his heart could never allow it.

Swinging over and between buildings, Dark Peter couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
“It’s okay,” he told himself, his voice heavy with sorrow. “Life is pain.Just let it all out.” Passing by one office building, he noticed a bright light. “Could it be?” he thought, with a glimmer of hope. It was a computer that had been left on. Dark Peter burst through the window,brimming with emotion He sat down at the computer, opened the internet browser and logged onto his Myspace account. “Now I can tell the world my deepest feelings.”

No Hope
Fly, spider, fly
Fly so high
In the night sky
He left you alone
To fly on your own
He caused your desire
So go crawl in a tire
Like a small, discarded spider
He ignored your affection
But don’t get an infection
From his poisonous love
That damned toxic bug
You can cry all day
And that’s okay
Because tears are not bad
When there’s no hope to be had
So filled with sorrow
There’s no tomorrow
If he cannot see
And spin his web for me
I’ll keep writing my ode
Or maybe implode
What more can I do
When I only wanted to love you.

Dark Peter sighed. He was about to click “Post” when the screen went as black as his soul. Panic spread through Dark Peter as he looked under the table and saw that he’d accidentally pushed the power cord with his sneakers.
He felt tears once more, and grasped at his chest.
“NNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!! WHY ME?! WHHhhhhyyyyyy…”
He wanted to disappear, and he broke down, sobbing.
He cried – the tears of a spider.
His head hit the keyboard with a loud thud.
But one thing, one shining glimpse of hope, rose up from his charred and broken passion.
“Tears of a Spider would be a killer name for a song.”
And he finally smiled through the bitter, bitter tears.
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