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So, school starts pretty soon and I'm trying hard to finish up the book before it does.
I need some help from you all, though! Last year, when I was designing the covers for Funnily Enough, I asked some of my friends to give me quotes about my book so that I could put them on the back. None of them had actually read the book at the time, but that was the point. So they gave me random quotes:

"Spectrastic!" - Michael
"...novelmeats..." - Jean
"A provocative story of walruses, cheese nips, and delicious, delicious pants. It is a story of a man that will hold the test of time and money until the universe collapses upon itself and shows us what it's really made of. The gayness will explode your cranium, if that's your kind of thing." - Erin

And I put these on the back of the book...just for fun.
I want to do that again, but with more people!
So I'm asking, even if you never plan to look at either of my books, please make up a random quote and I'll put it on a page at the beginning or end of this next book, as long as it's not offensive or something. The title of the book is "Inexplicable", if that helps.

Poll #911405 Book Quotes

Please include the name that you want your quote to be attributed to.

I'd really appreciate any and all participation! I won't be formatting the book 'til at least thursday, so that should be plenty of time.
Thank you!
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