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That's gay.

Dude, someone on deviantArt just called me a faggot cause of that Young Ones slash picture I did. That' odd feeling.
That place is a craphole, though. I wish they would actually enforce their own rules.

Nano is so soon! Gosh. I still have so much to do. This is going to be a helluva week.

Erin, I hope your heart doesn't explode at work. Think of all the poor children you'll traumatize.
Michael, I hope you tap dat ass.
Dani, I hope you are no longer vomiting on everyone.
Jean, ride the walrus.

Heroes tonight! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahpeoplewithsuperissues.

I am off to draw gay things. And I will do it twice as hard, for all the haters out there.
Tags: nanowrimo, tv
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