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I don't have any ideas for pictures to post and for some odd reason I don't want to just post random ones. Are there any specific sugestions? I just can't think. Yay! I'm going to a birthday party today. And I'm wearing my Alan tie!(the one made in Scotland that's plaid and made by a guy named Cumming). Dude. *siiiiiigh* I'm more than halfway through re-reading Phantom of the Opera. JOSH IF YOU READ THIS, WE NEED TO FRICKING PLAN. I have been waiting for YEARS for PotO to come back to San Fransisco or San Jose and I am NOT going to miss it this time. Grrrrrrrrrrraarrrrrrrrgh. But I do want to go with you and Mandy and people in a group cause that'll be more fun. Dooodooodoodoooooooooobyebye.

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