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Cheers and beers

Why do I no journal? I am a suck. A sucking thing.
I woke up really depressed on Friday, in the "I have no reason to be living" sort of way. Isn't that annoying? It always seems that much worse when you wake up with the feeling.
It seems as though I'm making progress in my art, which is good. I made a t-shirt design so I could get a shirt from Cafepress and so my friends can buy stuff too, and I really like the way it looks.
I think only my Djuna cares, but I'll try and post more often this month. Comic-con is coming up!! I'm really excited for that. It'll be a blast. FAY-MOSS PEOPLE YAY.
Oooh, also, I'm wetting my pants for Strangers With Candy. I'm sure it will be a beautiful and hideous thing.
That is all for today. Indeed.

OH! And Google Earth!! Is!! Spectacular!!! I'm glad I have a computer that can run it now.
Finally, a computer tool that truly makes me feel like a god.
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