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Only post in over a week, and it's a meme. CHA!!

These truly are my first reactions. Shows a lot about my thought process, don't it.

Type your FIRST REACTION when you hear these 30 words/phrases (don't spend time thinking - just your gut reaction), then tag at least 5 people:

1. I need a cigarette: Stomp on it
2. Sex: Jehovah's Witness
3. Relationships: Motherfucker
4. Your last ex: Trichotomy
5. Power: of Christ compels you
6. Marijuana: Chicken bong
7. Crack: Tamales
8. Food: Sandy lunch
9. Last kiss: Pillow fight
10. Next kiss: Violence
11. Cars: Abraham
12. Gas Price: Elderly
13. Halloween: Miracle
14. Bon Jovi: Chevy Chase
15. Love: Suckers
16: Myspace: Science Fiction
17. Worst Fear: Regret
18. Marriage: Tumultuous
19. Fashion: Brigade
20. Brunettes: For the greater good
21. Redheads: Cherished
22. Blondes: Frivolity
23. Work: Ferris wheel
24. Pass the time: Whistle
25. Mushrooms: Mario
26. One night stands: Call the police
27. Pet Peeves: Brown dog
28. Pixie Stix: Greek
29. Vanilla Ice: David Bowie
30. Abortion: Delicious

People to tag:
Everyone on the goddamn planet.



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Jun. 23rd, 2006 07:37 pm (UTC)
Roxie, my friend...I'm miserable here. Muse is coming to Denver next month and I don't have a single person to go with me. Sure, I'd go alone, but how much fun would THAT be? How pathetic am I? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH :`(
Jun. 26th, 2006 12:42 am (UTC)
I feel your pain, but I think it'll be worth it, even if you have to go alone. I've actually been alone at most of the shows I go to (I have someone take me there, but we eventually separate when I want to get closer to the stage), but if I like the band I always have a great time. Sure, having friends there can make it even better, but if no one wants to go then screw 'em!
Plus, I've heard that Muse is very good live. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to convert someone in time for the show. If not, just go and immerse yourself in Bellamy's voice and I doubt you'll regret it.
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    Thank you! If you ever get more mad money, come on down. I can cut a discount for friends. :)
    I can also do custom pieces if that ever interests you!
  • 25 Aug 2012, 18:14
    Those are super cute. Wish Tery hadn't lost her job and I still had mad money :(
  • 8 Aug 2012, 12:15
    No no, I've just been having a rough year. I usually keep up with my friend's list, though! It's just the last couple of weeks that I've missed. I hope you and Tery are doing well!
  • 7 Aug 2012, 05:48
    Thank Merlin, starting to think you died....!
  • 5 Jan 2012, 08:45
    Yeah, most of the people I talked to had a pretty crappy year.
    I hope it's good too!
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