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I'm not dead. Yet.
Just busy.

No, that's a horrible lie. I just tell myself that I'm busy, but really SCHOOL'S ALMOST OVER WHEEE.

A couple of weeks ago I was super-sick and that was shite. It's all gravy now, though.

I've been spending all my time doing stupid crap and finishing homework at the last minute.
I beat KHII last week! Yay!!


Heeeee!! Jeremy doll!
This makes me giggle way too much.

Should I take the plunge and just post a link to my story? I don't know who'd want to read it apart from my real-life friends, but they've already read it. I'm still very insecure about the quality too. I can let people order it if they want, though. Maybe I'll just make the pdf available so people don't have to pay. Bah.
Tags: doodle, jeremy, sick

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