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Oh my sweet

From patsydecline:

Not apart from talking about sexy things in my entries!


From nyakototo:

1. Oh yeah. I mean, I've always been surrounded by talented people, so it happens. I think it's just natural to feel like that sometimes, but a lot of times it makes me feel somewhat...stunted? Or like I don't deserve as much as other people have.
2. Did you mean same? It doesn't really make a difference. I'd be up for either.
3. Oh, Flaming Lips. Definitely. | You know, as much as I love movies, I don't know if there's any movie I can say that about. I do feel that way about some TV shows, though. The Young Ones, for example. The first time I saw it, my jaw dropped and I wondered how something so very perfect for me could exist. I got the expensive box set a day later with a giftcard and have never even considered the possibility of regretting it. | As of this very moment, the main shows I watch are: The Daily Show & The Colbert Report, The Simpsons, Mythbusters and most of the cartoons on Adult Swim. And sometimes SVU. | That's a tough one, because a lot of my favorites come in series. I also don't read nearly as much as I should. But regardless, one book I can always read again and again is the original Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux.
4. I have not, for many reasons.
5. Powerful. I don't believe in fate, but I do believe in possibilities. Oh yeah, I would definitely consider marriage. I've never been a huge fan of the it, but if I'm in a relationship and it seems right, I'd have no qualms about it. I would love to have children someday. :)
6. I think I would make it so you could have more options of customizing the color scheme of the main site. I don't care too much, though. I would add the ability to update my journal with the power of my mind!


From anonymoose!

1. I would step outside my door and maybe call some people to see if they'd help me. In the next few minutes I'd probably be taken out by one of the minions, leaving you to rot in your cell forever. Sorry :(((((
2. Willing? I'm not very discriminatory, even for something like that. Willing is one thing. Wanting, though, is a completely different.
Okay, okay, fine. You know what? It's you. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR??
3. Tomorrow or Saturday. Next week by the latest.
4. My most incoherent states have always been caused by nothing more than the insanity that is in my head. You've seen it happen, I'm sure. Those times when I almost snap and kill the lot of you, or when I start conversations in the middle, or when I start saying things that could/will never make sense in this world. Many of those instances are quite close to total incoherentness.
5. It depends on what you think can be considered love. Personally, I'd say that I have.
6. Since I have a lot of communities on my list, I get updates at all hours of the day. But yes, I do hang around here late at night.

Anyone else who wants to participate, just go to this entry.
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