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A moment of silence, if you please :'(

I did not feel my best yesterday. I'd somehow managed to hurt my neck, and my whole head felt very congested for some reason.
So I was lying down, intoxicated by the strange minty fragrance of Bengay, cleaning the lenses of my glasses when the frames suddenly broke. I wasn't putting any pressure on the bridge, and there was no snapping sound or ANYTHING to indicate that they had broken, but they fell apart in my hands! It was surreal. I just stared at the two halves of my glasses, idly wondering if I was dreaming.
I picked out new frames when I got home today. They'll come in next week, but until then I have to use my old glasses with out-dated prescriptions.
The new ones are pretty cool, though. They're purple, a cooler shape, much lighter and made of metal.

Goodbye, bulky emoglasses. D:
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