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Dat sure is a mightily fine acorn

Whoooaaaa, it's been 11 days since my last updation. That's far too big a gap.

We're celebrating both my brother's birthday and my mother's birthday this weekend. My mom tricked me into eating some of Erik's key lime birthday pie, because she's mean. I nearly threw up. She knows I can't eat pie. :(

Just a few assignments and three more finals and I'm done with school until late January.

My plans for break are to:
- sit around
- do stuff
- really finish my story
- edit and format story for self-publication
- contemplate the universe
- reformat the universe
- engulf the universe
- weep
- laugh sardonically at emobitches while eating an entire cake whole
- buy mace
- buy a mace
- get pulled over for wielding a mace whilst driving
- mace cop in the face
- become a divine entity
- get fired from being a divine entity (for embezzling) :(
- oh
- owe
- own
- totally pwn a rabid monkey in a deathmatch using only a toothpick and mild telekinesis
- reconstruct the entire film version of Rent using fruit instead of people
- teach fruit how to talk, and maybe sing.

Considering some of my other goals, finishing the story shouldn't be too hard. *kicks self* Get going!
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