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Badger pants

IRL FRIENDS, when I drive to and from school I pass by Christmas in the Park, and on Monday night it was all lit up. So awesome. Awwwweesssome.

I hate self-evaluation type assignments when teachers ask for your opinion on what grade you should get in the class. I understand that it encourages you to examine your strong and weak points but damnit, YOU'RE the teacher, why don't YOU do that part and leave my opinion out of it.
I really need to work on finishing my story. I know everything that has to happen, but I keep forgetting to write. SAY, WHY DON'T I WORK ON IT RIGHT NOW instead of writing this useless entry.

Also, I pretended I was sick to get out of class today. Guess I have to flee the country now, lest The Man finds out. :(

REMEMBER, if you want Holiday fun/card/dynamite, fill out the super-secret confidential poll. I shall write out the list soon.
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