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More boring NaNo stuff

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
21,424 / 50,000

This story takes place in another dimension, kinda, and yet so far I've managed to reference (either directly or indirectly):

Thom's dancing
A Clockwork Orange
Swing music
Alexi Sayle
Waiting for Godot
Rocky Horror
South Park
Comedy Cental
Red Dwarf
And probably more.

Hardy har har.

Short message to my main character:
Jeremy, please get off your ass, stop barging in on Larax in the middle of his lectures, and GET WITH THE PLOT ALREADY!! We're nearly halfway through the wordcount goal now, and you don't even know what Alyssa looks like! We've got to get all that out of the way so we can push through the angst and get to the fun stuff.
Thank you.
Love, Roxie.

OMG Wonder Shozen on Comedy Central!!
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