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patsydecline's request

I guess I should post this. There are still a lot of glitches and the speakers react angrily when I start singing, but I don't think I'll get it any better. If anyone decides to listen to this, I recommend turning the volume down a bit when the song happens.

809K 4:06
“Hello, this is Roxie again. I'm sure you're all sick of hearing my voice, but I had a request by a dear friend of mine to do a Decemberists song, so I'm gonna do that. Um, I recorded this once and there were a lot of glitches in it (I don't know why), but I'm gonna try again, so let's hope it's better this time and the phone doesn't mess it up. Uh...so I'm gonna be singing Los Angeles, I'm Yours by The Decemberists.
Here it goes.

There is a city by the sea
A gentle company
I don't suppose you want to
And as it tells its sorry tale
In harrowing detail
Its hollowness will haunt you

Its streets and boulevards
Orphans and oligarchs and here's
A plaintive melody
Truncated symphony
An ocean's garbled vomit on the shore

Los Angeles I'm yours

Oh ladies pleasant and demure
Sallow cheeked and sure
I can see your undies
And all the boys you drag about
An empty fallow fount
From Saturdays to Mondays
You hill and valley crowd
Hanging your trousers down at heel
This is the realest thing
As ancient choirs sing
A dozen blushing cherubs wheel above

Los Angeles, my love

*musical interlude*

Oh what a rush of ripe elan
Languor on divans
Dalliant and dainty
But oh the smell of burnt cocaine
The dolor and decay
It only makes me cranky

A great calamity
Ditch of inequity and tears
How I abhor this place
Its sweet and bitter taste
Has left me wretched retching on all fours

Los Angeles I'm yours
Los Angeles I'm yours
Los Angeles I'm yours

Okay, um, uh, sorry about that.
Um...you know, I did this sitting in a car parked on a random street in my neighborhood, so I'm like a stalker in my own neighborhood. The neighbors are staring and they think I'm a complete fr-what? They're my neighbors, they KNOW I'm a complete freak.
Um, so I'll see y'all on the internet.

Transcribed by: metatronis



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Oct. 13th, 2005 11:22 pm (UTC)
YES. This reminded me of my request. How about my favorite Fields song ever, "The Desperate Things You've Made Me Do"? If not that, "Busby Berkeley Dreams" or any other of your choosing?
Oct. 14th, 2005 04:46 am (UTC)
I don't know it too well, but I'll work on it! Just gimme a few days and I'll have it up.
Oct. 13th, 2005 11:37 pm (UTC)
that was awesome!

and i never realized how much i liked those lyrics until i saw them written out..
Oct. 14th, 2005 12:43 am (UTC)
you should read all their lyrics. i think it is what makes them so freakin' awesome.
Oct. 13th, 2005 11:50 pm (UTC)

Oct. 14th, 2005 12:43 am (UTC)
ooh i love love love that song.
Oct. 14th, 2005 10:36 pm (UTC)
i love that song so much, you dont even know...
Oct. 17th, 2005 07:35 am (UTC)
Random car!?!?!?
Whose car???
Roxie, that was awesome.
Colin would have been proud
and so am I.
Oct. 18th, 2005 01:10 am (UTC)
God I love you...
That was awesome Roxie! It was so great to hear your voice. I do not know who asked you to sing, but thank them for me. Love you, see you Saturday.
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