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Things look beautiful

Just got back from a free screening of the movie Red Eye, coming out next week.
The plot was a bit predictable, but it was actually pretty good in terms of keeping up the suspense. You that you know what's gonna happen, but you just don't know how or when. I don't like flat out horror movies because I tend to find them boring rather than scary, but thriller/suspense flicks are alright, if they aren't too long or drawn out.
I really liked it, though. And I love seeing movies in a crowded theater, cause even though you're bound to have some annoying people in the audience, everyone still claps and laughs and participates. Plus, the tension is great for this type of movie. I think it just makes the experience better.

Fangirly time: lordy, I do believe I have the vapors. *fans self* Cillian is so good at being evil. Too good. And the...with't...******munching ***** slutbag ***monkey licker. (translation: that young man is attractive and I do believe I want to ravish him)
Good day.
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