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Baby into my very first genuine car accident.

I was driving to the movie theater to meet up with Erin, and I came to stop-sign intersection. I saw another car coming from the left as I was stopping, but I had the right-of-way so I went ahead. About midway through the intersection, I saw the other car out of the corner of my eye, coming at my left side. It all happened really fast, but I sped up and screamed as the other car hit my back left door straight on. I hit my head (on either the windshield, or right above it. I couldn't tell), so there's a little bruise there now. I swerved the car immediately after the collision and turned the car off. I was really dazed and breathing hard and my door wouldn't open, so I eventually crawled over the seat and got out on the passenger side. I so confused and scared cause I was by myself, and I wasn't sure whether or not it had been my fault. The lady driving the other car, who seemed about 40 or 50, came over to me and started apologizing. She said that she hadn't seen the stop sign because she was distracted, and she was really shaken up. I called the police and stuff happened and eventually I got home, after my car had been towed. I also went to the emergency room cause my grandparents wanted to make sure I hadn't been damaged, but the doctor said I should be fine.

So in short, I'm not hurt badly, it wasn't my fault and we both have insurance. My back driver's side door was completely smashed in, but it's all repairable.

We still went to the movies, about four hours later than planned. I saw Batman again. Cillian Murphy is one sexy scarecrow.
I've dyed my hair red again (though this time it's brighter, and slightly more permanent. I like it a lot!), and bought a bunch of crazy clothes and hats.

So apart from almost dying, it's been a pretty good week.
Tags: accident, movies
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