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I...what? I was expecting dark, but not THAT dark. I think I cried for like ten minutes. Granted, I usually cry at the end of books, but not that much. I don't like being critical of someone else's art, so...I'm not. I just love Harry Potter and I love all of the books and the characters and the relationships. I think that Tonks/Lupin is really adorable. It was totally random and made me smile. Wow...everything seems all upside down now. Ksdlkguwj. I like that the climax of this book seemed to happen later than in previous books, but was much more devastating than normal. It's all leading up to the last book so COME ON LET'S GET THE NEXT ONE OUT ALREADY JEEZ. I've been waiting for like...three hours now. Bah!
I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Crazy + love + morbid + wizards? + school + decaying flesh + evil = Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The end.

I'm glad that I didn't internet until after I was finished reading. The jackassery of some people makes my heart frown. : (

Also: saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Batman Begins. Enjoyed both very much.
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