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Sometimes saucers used to make me pretty angry too.

omgomgomgomgomgogmgomosdmgomdomgalgmksldfksdfhsklfhsas. I'm going to see Michael Bublé live in August. .

I had an excellent fourth of July (hope you all did as well), and I did a lot of fun things.
I saw many movies, including War of the Worlds, Rize and others.
War of the Worlds was pretty cool. It kept my attention and was really well done, albeit confusing at times, since I haven't read the story or seen the original. Very nice overall.
Rize, a documentary by David LaChapelle (the artist I did my photography project on) about a style of dance in the ghetto areas of L.A., was superb. It was visually stunning (COLORCOLORYAY) and really interesting. And the speed at which those guys can dance is...incredible. I definitely suggest seeing this movie.

And another omg thing. I saw that old British show The Young Ones for the first time ever and I LOVE IT LOTS.
Anyone else on the f'list a fan? I know lallyloo is, but anyone else?
I just...god. Awesome.
My favorite character is Vyvyan, but after about 3 or 4 episodes, I realized that I have a raging hard-on for this man:
Image hosted by

God, my brain is weird.
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