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Shank shank a lank

Man, I haven't written in a while.
Oh well, it's not as though I've been doing anything worth mentioning. Just drawing and musicing and reading and computering.
I just won a battle of sorts with my computer, so I feel pretty good.
Having a car is very awesome.
Jean and the family and I went to the Boardwalk on Saturday. Fun and games and strange things happened. I screamed on kiddy rides and bravely held Jean's bag while she went on the real rides.
Puppy got a haircut today! They shaved almost all of his hair off, because it was so knotted and matted (Grandma refused to brush him before because she's afraid she'll hurt him). Now he looks like a little rabbit/horse/rat thing. It should grow back in a few weeks time, though.

Here, I vomited up some love for all y'all.

Love Vomit
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