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Things I just managed to carry upstairs by myself with one trip:
- Laptop (which was open and on)
- Two heavy notebooks
- Thick textbook
- Paper bag filled with assorted bric-a-brac
- Backpack
- Scanner
- Stuffed puppy
- Real puppy

I did this WHILE turning off all the lights downstairs, trying not to wake my grandparents up. And my pants only fell HALF-WAY down.
Fuuuuck yeah.

ARGH. Homework. :( x 100.
I wasted my break and it was great.

I haven't been rejected from Santa Clara University, but I haven't been accepted. First they needed to reevaluate me, then they put me on the waiting list. Fuck that! It's not worth the effort. The only reason I prefer SCU over the other local schools I applied to is because the campus is nicer and the parking is better, but I don't really care where I go to college. So, it looks like I'm going to SAN JOSE STATE!! It's nice to know where I'm going, even though I honestly could not be less excited about going to college. Whoop.
Or something.
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