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I know it's technically Friday now, but...HAAAAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!!

Today I actually wore a skirt to school! Wow! I also wore my hair up in a ponytail, and I wore this shirt that I made yesterday. Well, I didn't make the shirt, but I did take two of my old shirt and sew them together. It looked pretty cool. And it was alllll greeeen.
It was weird, though, because today was Monarch Madness so a lot of the school was wearing their class colors, so it looked like I was supporting Freshmen. Really, to me, ethnic pride just takes priority over school spirit.

I had a long day. But a really nice one. We didn't win Monarch Madness, but it was still pretty fun. They actually played some good music during the competitions and afterwards! At one point they played Muse, and I was rockin' the fuck out.
At the end, they played Why Can't We Be Friends, which we know from BASEketball, and that was so awesome. Erin and I danced the hell out of the song, even in our dejected and melancholy state.

After that, we came up with some pretty...interesting ideas about....things. [mass suicide!]

And teeee heee heee heeeee!!!! :D :D :D

No school tomorrow! Ahhhh yyyyyyyyeeeaaah.

Craig Ferguson on the Daily Show! Heeee heeeeee!!!! Oh, Scotsmen.

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