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I feel dead inside

My hard drive is more damaged than we thought. Turns out we won't be able to retrieve any of my files. Of course I'm not nearly computer savvy enough to have known how to back up my files at any point during the last couple of years, so everything is gone. I'm getting a new hard drive installed, but I'll have to reinstall all of my programs and I've lost all of my pictures, essays and MP3s from the past two years.

Also, we thought that Katie [dog] had a hematoma on her back cause that's what the they said it was after they took a biopsy a few months ago, but now the vet think that it could could be something much more serious, since it seems to be growing so rapidly. We're taking her to see a cancer specialist sometime this week.

Both of the Decemberists' shows in San Fran coming up in March are 18+.

The retreat made me realize that I am a horrible person inside.

And thus, ANY good feelings I may have gotten from the retreat have been negated.

Thank you.

I think I may be getting planter warts again. I can't see them yet, but my feet feel like they're on fire whenever I walk.

Hah, wow.
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