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Phantom of the Plywood?

The New Years sleepover was lots of fun. Bean called and pretended to not be drunk. I saw through that right away.
I daresay that Erin enjoyed Phantom of the Opera quite a lot, so we decided to pull a Spiderman and go see it again this morning. So that's three times I've seen it this past week, and I must say that it I like it more each time I see it. I confess that Butler's voice has really, really grown on me. It's just...different, you know? I like it.

Hope all y'all had a good New Years.

I should make a list of important things that I did in 2004. Let's see, I...

  • discovered (or, rather, was introduced to) the Decemberists

  • Coachella!!!

  • started my last year of high school

  • took the SAT and the ACT

  • discovered a cure for releciatic cancer

  • found out that releciatic is just a word I made up

  • wept.

Oh man, what a year.

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