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That's bad

Two of my best friends who've been going out for about three years just broke up. This is really depressing. I don't know how to handle it. I care about both of them so much. :(

On to happier things. And then a sad thing. And then happier things once more.
I was very pleased with the poll results. Thanks to all who participated. This information will help me greatly. Yeessss.
Remember how I said my stomach started to hurt very suddenly? Well, about an hour after that I threw up and then all was well. I just went to sleep. Huh.
On Saturday, when we celebrated my grandpa's birthday, my brother was trying to read the copy of Phantom of the Opera that I lent him by the fire, but my uncle and I kept singing showtunes from Grease and Rocky Horror and he was forced to go into the other room to seek out a peaceful environment in which to read. Heh. Then we went to see The Whiz and my school. That was an...interesting production. Excellent makeup, though. *wink wink to Erin*

Sunday happened. Bean, Erik and I went to see The Incredibles. A fine, fine movie, that was.

Hmm...what else...
pineapplegrl186Erin's 18th birthday is tomorrow! I'll do this properly at another time.
And oh! I found something out today that I was completely unaware of up until this point: I'm part Jewish. Not a huge part, mind. I know of at least 11 different ethnicities that make up my heritage. It's not a huge thing, but I just think it's really cool. :)

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