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I am fucking insane

It was raining today, and I went to my mom's house. Erik and I decided to go swimming as soon as we got here, so we went over to the pool and the hot tub was covered. I walked partway into the pool and noticed that it hadn't been heated AT ALL. Erik slipped under the cover of the hot tub and started taunting me. I, for some crazy Roxie reason, threw the rest of my body into the ice cold pool, which made me scream. So cold. But then, my skin started burning, which did make it warmer. I swam around and stayed in the pool for about ten minutes before going back home. It was actually very invigorating and awesome, but I hope I didn't catch pneumonia.

I have to get my application for Santa Clara University in next week. I hope I get in. I hope Michael gets in, too.

Don't mix chocolate and pumpkin flavored ale. Ick.

We carved pumpkins! Mine has bats on it. Yay.

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