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Bop baop bap

Zoo happened!! Zoo!! It was strange; I haven't been on a bus in a long time.

The San Francisco Zoo is such a nice place. It's gotten even better since the last time I went.

The lemur whose actions I was documenting for my project slept for a looong time. I kept having to use the code for "Idle" in my notes.

I took pictures for you, murcianobabyDjuna-baybee

This is the one I was watching. She's a black and white ruffed lemur. Very pretty.

This is where the lemurs live. Actually, what you see here is only about a fourth of it. It's so coool.

Do you know what these are?? Hmmm...

They might be of the flamingo persuasion.

The dust from her living quarters kept blowing in our faces.



He's glaring at me.

Soo sleeeeeepy.

She's eating a frozen bunny! Whoo!!

Grooming! I can't remember what type of monkeys these are. I'd look it up, but...meh.


Ostrich! Zebra!


And finally, zee gorillas. They're just hanging out, talking. You know.

I brought a lemur home with me! In plush form, that is.
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