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"Is it unpatriotic of me to say that this song sucks ass?"

Okaaay, I should be in bed right now, but...fuck it!
I finally got Eternal Sunshine last week and I've already started spreading the love. I lent it to Michael, who loved it, and will be forcing others to watch it in the near future.

I actually had a full day yesterday. I almost always spend at least half of Saturday sleeping, but this time I went to Half Moon Bay with my grandparents and aunt and uncle to take pictures for class. It was very warm out, but I got some good shots.

One last thing: I don't think I mentioned this yet, but I'm going to the San Francisco Zoo on Tuesday for an Anthropology field trip. I've not been on a field trip like this in about three years. Well, actually, it's not really a normal field trip since we're just going to study the specific primate that we're doing for a project, know.

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