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Hmmmm...Alan...HAHAHA...That was so weird. At my party...when everyone except Libby was asleep and I was thinking about Alan naked in Titus and I started cracking up. And then Libby started cracking up. I was surprised that we didn't wake anybody else up. But I still don't know why I was laughing. I mean, I guess some things about Alan are just a little surreal to me. He doesn't shock me like he does some of my friends. Since I was raised catholic I should be a little more shocked by him but...I dunno. Wait...WHY am I talking about this? Hmmm. I'm almost done reading Tommy's Tale for the second time. I really wanna finish it before the trip so grandma won't see it and ask about it...that would be bad... I should go now. Byebye.
"If it tastes good, it's trying to kill you."

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