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Blagh - good things

We have spirit week this week, and today was Crazy Everything Day.
I sprayed my hair green with white pigtails (they were technically blonde, but it looks white or silvery against my hair).
That was fun and exciting.
They also had karaoke in the cafeteria, so Erin, Libby and I went up and sang Birdhouse in Your Soul together (I was so happy that they actually had a couple of TMBG songs in there!), and I watched some of my friends sing other songs like Hot Patootie (I was singing along offstage, though, of course). That was fucking awesome. I'm sure no more than two people outside of my group of friends in that cafeteria even knew who They Might Be Giants are, though. Well, know they all know, since Erin screamed "YEAH! THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS!!!!" at the end. Good times.

Guess which of these pictures represents the real me?*

(I was about to sneeze here cause of the sun)

*hint: I'm a psychopath.
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